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Dear People,

The year has already started for a full week and have finished my first day of work, but I'm still sitting down to write to about what people have asked me in the lead up to the new year and this past week. As somebody who loves doing reviews and reflections, making resolutions and being in tune with my life - I loved these questions.

What did you most love in 2018?
No question about it: getting married is definitely the highlight of my past year. Other highlights include moving towards my new office space (with a lot of natural light, plants, a lovely wooden floor and a petrol colored wall), helping with a lot of activities and even hosting them (GeluksRoute Delft 2018, Strip der Ontmoeting, Open Coffee) and some wonderful stories of healing in my practice (a beautiful baby was born). 

What are you planning for 2019
2018 was my year of Connection, I made a lot of new connections which have filled me with gratitude and love, I have felt like the year was a bit of a big party as well with my marriage, but 2019 has a completely different vibe for me.

2019's theme is Truth, as I'm integrating a lot of work I have done in the past 10 years and finding out what works for me and what does not. I always prefer to start new things, new projects and meet new people, but now it's time to work some with the old. I also feel like it's more time to work on my own, instead of in groups. 

So, I'm planning on finally writing my book(s), getting all the knowledge concentrated and hopefully out there for a wider audience. I'm also seeing which of my old projects need more attention and which I will have to let go. I always caution people to see what they want to do less off, but since I have a lot of energy and a lot of people seeking my support, it's time I take a taste of my own medicine.

How do you choose your theme's for the Year?
I usually listen intently to the vibe of the new year, but also always do a year Reading, so I can see where to best employ my talents and energy in the year to come. I always offer this to my clients too. It helps a lot to know a bit of what you can expect, but also to see where things are most likely to happen or what kind of effect they have in your life.

Last year in 2018, it was quite clear, that I was getting married, as a Major Arcana card that has to do with commitment/marriage was in the August position, but funnily the second outside influences card showed Tropical Rain Forest Energy. Originally we discussed having our honeymoon in September, as August is high season and often quite expensive. When getting this card, I told my now husband that it was likely we would do Hawaii in August and it wasn't a surprise when a good deal showed up and we managed to book a cruise for the 25th.

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?
I always make those, tempered by what kind of year I expect, and I love setting time aside to see what my goals, wishes and dreams are for the year. During the year I have time where I review the steps I'm making in getting these things done and if the resolution still matches what I want. I'm big on keeping myself accountable, but also about being understanding about seeing priorities shift.

Do you have a good recommendation for me in 2019?
This year I decided to end the year and brainstorm about the new one with the Year Compass a free booklet that asks questions and  helps you sort through your year. I highly recommend it, it was a lot of fun to walk through my year again and to see what I value most out of it. It's free and available in several languages.

All the best for 2019,

Rianne Collignon

Dear People,

One of the things that happen the most when you live a vibrant and happy life is that you are starting to notice that you will be called to more and more situations and that most of them might become 'more difficult' with time. Listening to your intuition will become easier, but the situations it wants to resolve will have greater stakes, but also greater rewards. Change is one of the hardest things for all humans, as we tend to like things to stay predictable.

Even so, here are some interesting examples in my business life that you can see have increased stakes.

Renting my first space
When I just started out, I mostly worked at people's homes and was still wondering how I was going to start up my business. I naturally spoke to other friends about starting my business, especially one that had rented a space for years already. I also attended a networking meeting where I met his landlord. I actually wrote an e-mail to him to see if anything was available.

I didn't hear back, so that was a bit of a bummer. But a few weeks later my intuition told me that I should send an e-mail again. I did and this time two spaces where available so I even had the choice to see what would work for me. The stakes weren't that high, because I could rent in a building that was going to be torn down so I could do month-by-month rent which is unusual for businesses. The rent also wasn't that high because of that. I told myself I'd try for 3 months, instead of going on holiday (around the same amount of money as 3 months rent) and if it didn't work out, I'd quit. So that was perfect for starting up.

Moving to my second space
Of course the building was eventually torn down, so just before we were all told we had to vacate. Most of us wanted to stay together and our landlord had acquired another building, but that one was significantly smaller. So, it was all fate if you could fit or not. Our landlord first made spaces available to larger companies and those that rented from him longer.

A lot of people told me to find another space, especially when the date to move out was approaching. My intuition however told me that I would find space in the new building. The stakes weren't that high, because I told myself that worst case scenario I'd work from home to make it work. I would then go find another space to rent for my business. However, imagine my delight when a space became available for me just a week before we were supposed to move out.

TV program
Of course being on TV would be great for me, but it was also quite a hefty business expense. I watched segments of the show, I thought about possibilities and I wondered what it would do for my business. It was quite interesting that my intuition told me to go for it. It was contrary to a lot of advice I was getting and the stakes were definitely higher, as it was a lot of money.

I did decide to listen and I am happy to report I did recoup that money and then some. I really do believe it was important for my business.

I my personal life I also notice that stakes have gone up and I'm able to make decisions that carry more risk if they 'go wrong' then I would have done a few years ago. However, the rewards also have been a lot bigger, which is wonderful. I'm eager to find out what joys are awaiting me for the future.

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