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Dear People,

Recently I was asked how I deal with people who don't believe in the work I do. There are several types of 'unbelievers' and how they respond to me, so there are also different ways in how I respond to them. The short answer is: I don't have problems with people who find my work strange, weird or unusual. Read on to hear about the longer answer.

Open minded unbelievers
A lot of people in this group don't have much experience with spirituality or spiritual healers. They have no idea what to expect and often find the idea of Psychics strange or unsettling. It doesn't fit in their world view. They are used to things that they can measure or see and that the future is all open. The idea that it might not be, creates a feeling of unease.

Often I see this group of people when I have treated their partner, family, friend or neighbor. They see a lot of results; like more energy, less pain, stronger personality/more inner peace; and they want that for themselves too. So they are willing to try something new and they often tell me upfront that they never done anything like this and they aren't quite sure if they believe in it.

Some open minded unbelievers are desperate with chronic or severe health issues, who feel like they really do just need to try everything. Often I'm the last stop for them, as they tried many things, and they are finally opening up to things much more out of their comfort zone.

I tell all of them the same: you don't have to believe in it for it to work. I work with their slight discomfort when they notice I know things about them that they haven't told me. As soon as they see results, most of this group is happy to stay with: "I don't know why it works, but I'm happy it does". Sometimes they go on to work more with spiritual or personal development, because the work for I did for them allows them open up their worldview.

We then often discuss a lot of things that we know exists, but we are unable to measure or record. Like for example, what we are dreaming or something as powerful as love. We often also speak about how science is catching up and starting to measure things that spiritual teachers have talked about for ages. There have been studies that we carry memories in our DNA for example, which fits with the idea of many spiritual teachers that we need to release memories and behavior patterns from our ancestors. A lot more research is being done about how important gut health is, while a lot of healers focus on the intestinal tract/stomach area as well. Quantum Theory is also very interesting and I'm hopeful my work will be able to be measured in my lifetime. It's something that would make me exceedingly happy.

Rude or close minded unbelievers
Some people don't believe in what I do and then also find it their business to insult me, by claiming I'm a fake, a charlatan or whatever insult they prefer. They might also try to convince me that the work I do doesn't work, even though I have hundreds of satisfied clients. I know that's anecdotal evidence only, but it still exists.

I tend to stay polite and tell them that they are free to their beliefs, as am I. I rarely meet people who want to tell me what to believe and not believe in, but sometimes I do. It's quite interesting to me that often they are looking for a strong response from me, but then are very unhappy when they don't get it.

I feel everybody should be free to believe in what they want. I never discuss things with them, because I know discussing with people who only want to be rude or who aren't open to other people's viewpoints is useless.

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Dear People,

A lot of people want to give themselves back the freedom of expression. Often we learn to limit ourselves, not accepting or allowing our natural feelings (anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment_ or not allowing our natural gifts (creativity, leadership, talents). So today I'm writing some affirmations on how to be able to open those pathways to expression.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).

I choose to express myself
I choose to express myself joyfully
I choose to express myself completely

I choose to express my difficult emotions
I choose to express my anger
I choose to express my sadness
I choose to express my disappointment
I choose to express my frustration
I choose to express my jealousy
I choose to express my hurt
I choose to express my upset

I choose to express my emotions
I choose to express my upset
I choose to express my joy
I choose to express my love
I choose to express my happiness
I choose to express my interest

I joyfully express my creativity
I joyfully express my gifts
I joyfully express my talents

I create the space to express myself
I take the time to express myself
I enjoy expressing myself
I love expressing myself
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Dear People,

It's June and the practice is now 10 years old. Last month I met up with somebody who told me that when I just started out I transformed her life by saying something to her. She couldn't even remember anymore what it was exactly, but she just wanted to let me know how much it meant to her. This sparked the discussion on how much I remember about past clients and sessions with somebody who watched this exchange.

Do I remember clients/sessions?
The short answer is sometimes. I'm not perfect and while I have a good memory it isn't really for faces or names. I've been working on that, but more for my social life than for remembering clients. Some people I've worked with longer so it's easier to remember them and some just made an impact into my memory due to their questions or situation.

The long answer is: I would like to remember clients, but not all the sessions.

I have trouble remembering clients when I meet them in a group (like the Reading/Healing Evenings or on a fair. I usually see so much people, that it can blur a bit together. I think some clients have heard me tell any group: "While I try to remember you and what the Readings where about, please be mindful that if you would ask me again in a week or 2, I probably won't remember. It's not that I don't care, it's that I give out and receive so much information it's hard to retain which information belongs to whom.

As for sessions, if I would stay connected to every session and reading I did, I'd probably have no peace. I'd wonder about that person who came to ask about their relationship (are they still married?), that decision (did they emigrate?) or that health problem (did they heal?). I try to let sessions go as soon we end sessions together. Sometimes I get closure - and sometimes I don't. I try not to wonder why people sometimes don't come back after cancelling a session or don't want to update me on their life. I know life can get busy and I'm only a small chapter or even a page in their book.

So, in a perfect life, I'd remember you, a short summary of what we did and we'd meet as old acquaintances when we see each other - eager to update each other and then let go again until the universe brings us together again. And you feel welcomed to send me an e-mail, Facebook message or text to let me know something I predicted came true and brought you joy. It brings me a lot of joy to read those, so I'm always happy to hear from clients.

To make that story happen more often, I keep a short summary from people who I've seen in the practice for paid sessions, but this is only something I've been doing systematically since the start of 2018. Before I had a card system, which meant I often didn't update it and didn't really clear it out based on dates. So I am expecting a lot more easier meetings in my future and I like that I have more options on after care. This system helps me to input important dates and sets reminders for when I promised to keep in touch with clients.

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