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Dear People,

Sometimes people ask me how they can support me and my work which is always a wonderful question to answer. I'm grateful that people are such fans of the work I do, that they want to spread the word and make sure my business prospers. There are many simple ways in which you can help, so if you never thought about this before, here are some things you can do.

Recommend me to others
Talk to other people about your results with me and how happy you are about them. When people ask about the positive changes they see in you, tell them you have had a session with me. For some people it might feel a bit embarrassing to do so. However,  we all want our loved one's to feel better too, so it's a win-win situation. They get access to another way of healing and I get new clients.

Visit me with a friend
I have always offered free evenings in which you can come and meet me, find out more about the work I do, experience Healings or Readings in a group and ask me questions about my work. It's a joy to be able to offer this to existing clients and their friends, but also to new people.

I heard often that people say that they don't want to take these slots, because they feel they are only for new people, but that was never my intention. These evenings originated when existing clients asked me about possibilities to introduce me to others. So I took that suggestion and turned it into the free evenings & allowing people to bring a guest. Meeting me with a friend might be just what they needed and I am happy to provide that.

Buy a gift certificate
If you think I can help somebody else and you want to offer them a session, you can buy a gift certificate. I can make them out to any amount or just put "1 free session" or "1 free Reading" if that's what you want. I don't really advertise much with this, but I do have a wonderful graphic for a digital certificate or I can print one out for you.

Join my socials
I do not have a huge social media presence, but joining the Facebook Fan Page, following the Blog or joining the mailing list really helps me. Nowadays even publishers check out how big your online audience is. Of course, it's fun for you too, as you keep in touch with me, my work, the latest news and some great offers.

Write a review
When you are looking for something or somebody, I'm sure you check out reviews. They help make an informed choice, so leaving one for me helps show that my sessions are worthwhile. If you have the time, you can leave one on the Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn or through Google Reviews.

Give me feedback
I love hearing your happy stories and sometimes I do use them in testimonials on the website (with permission of course). I love being able to use people's own words instead of using anonymized examples.

I also take all feedback very seriously, because everybody has something to teach me. I might not be able to follow up on your suggestions, but I do appreciate them. A lot of clients have given me wonderful ideas in the past and have helped me learn how to be more effective.

You can give me feedback by filling in the feedback form you get from me, but also by just sending me an e-mail or calling me.
I'm sure there are other ways of support I'm forgetting and I want to reiterate how grateful I am to all of my clients who have graced me with their presence. I love the work I do and thank you for reading this article.

Dear people,

Often we find ourselves torn between two different parts of ourselves. Maybe we feel like our heart is craving something else then our head is telling us, maybe it's the 'good girl' wanting to do one thing while the 'lazy bum' wants to do another. Often, we are split, which is causing great damage to our energy and well being.

Past splits, like decisions about staying or leaving a relationship, job or country, can still haunt us as well. You can notice this when you have regrets, resentment or pain that you know is rooted in a past decision.

Today I'm sharing an exercise designed to integrate both sides of yourself, by giving them what they need, so you can step into a new beginning. I've done this exercise with a group of people at the free healing evening in October and it was very well received. A lot of people noticed immediate feelings of peacefulness, but also recognized how stuck they have become into the conflict so the middle road was invisible to them.

Exercise Inner Conflict Integration
This exercise is designed to do with two people, however, if you want to do it on your own, you can stand in both roles for yourself. I highly recommend that you then choose a Deck, like my 100% Positivity Set, to receive the Gift necessary, instead of listening to your own intuition. It's very hard to heal your own conflict so getting some extra help is recommended.

Role A: Conflicted Person
Role B: Helping Hand

A identifies the conflict and discusses it with B (or if you are doing this on your own, you discuss this situation out loud).

First, A, energetically enters one side of the conflict by taking a step to the left, sharing the thoughts, feelings, or behavior that comes with this part. You can feel the influence this side has on your energy by the feelings in your physical body, energy body or shifts in your emotional and mental state. Discuss this out loud.

B, asks God, your higher Self, Angels or anyone else to come and help out, but you can also help A from a higher Self perspective, your own experiences or by drawing a Card. First absorb the energy for yourself before you bring it to A. Name what you are bringing and step into the conflicted side to bring this new energy, gift or advice into this side.

Stay together for a moment and let the energy flow until you feel that it is ready.

A steps over the "middle point", to the right, the other side of the conflict. B moves to the opposite position so you are facing each other again.

A shares the thoughts, feelings and behavior that belongs to this conflict side. Take the time again to really feel what this side of the conflict is doing to you, what it needs or what part of you is invested in it.

B, this time brings the gift to side 2, to bring peace and love there. Again, first name the gift, accept it for yourself before bringing it to A.

Just stand quietly together and let the energy flow until it feels ready.

A then steps back to the middle, the starting point of the exercise. B can stand by A or just behind A. A makes a conscious decision to take a step forward to end the conflict and integrate both gifts into a new beginning. When creating this new beginning, you can find insights, inspiration or changes in your behavior.

Want to work on your own inner conflict or share a story on how this exercise has helped you?  Leave a message on the blog, the Facebook Fan Page or e-mail me.

Dear People,

Quite recently I've changed the way I've been doing healing work in my practice. I've heard a lot of questions about my old way and my new way. So what better time then to sit down and write a blog post about it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in the practice, by e-mail or leave a message below this blog post or on Facebook.

Why did you change?
We all learn and grow during life. I have always told people I let God guide me to where I need to be and what I need to do. I can't tell people to move forward in their soul missions, if I do not do so myself. It's important for me to work authentically.

Does that mean that the old way was wrong?
Most definitely not. I have had beautiful miracles with my old way of working. I wouldn't have traded those for the world. I loved working with my gifts in that way, but I felt that I could do more if I switched to a new way.

What are the differences between the old and the new way?
The most obvious one is that in the old way people would lay down on the massage table while I treated them and in the new way I ask people to stand and move with me. I feel that physically moving helps the energy shift easier and more naturally.

In the old way I would remove the blockages in the energy field and ask people to repeat what I was saying. I would listen intuitively to what they would need to hear/need to say and often people would ask me if I was reading their minds, because they would feel heard. Repeating it before and after healing would give most people the feeling that things have shifted as they would notice changes in their tone of voice or body.

In the new way, I will ask people to stand in different positions and then ask them what they are experiencing. I engage their intuitive gifts which helps them to get really in touch with the energy and feel how things are shifting. By asking to move forward during healing, what we are doing integrates more and deeper. I can add in energy as needed as well as feel intuitively which positions are needed.

In the old way I would resolve most blockages in the energy field or in heart/head layers, meaning most inner conflicts would resolve, energy would be boosted and behavior would change. Sometimes we'd work on other layers or energy would work there on it's own. However, for difficult problems or chronic problems, I usually had to work at least 5-7 sessions and some problems would be very hard to shift.

In the new way, we work directly on the root, even if that is based on earlier experiences, family patterns, past lives or archetype imbalances. That means I can work a lot deeper and in more layers then ever before. By walking through those layers with people, they gain enormous new insights about themselves and how this problem has started. It gives immediately relief and helps them to also heal family members or other parties involved. Most people need only 1 session.

In the old way, the energy boost would be around 2-3 weeks for most people.
In the new way, I've heard people still feeling it 6-8 weeks later, as well as reporting more blessings, harmony and joy in their lives.

With the new sessions people have told me that they have received important insights that feel rooted within them, felt energy shift in themselves and most importantly report a lot of miracles and shifts in the outside world as well. It's lovely to see how much positive change these sessions bring.

Will you never work in the old way anymore?
I will never say never, because I do not know what life will bring. I'm phasing out this part of my work now, hoping to finish up work with people at the end of 2019. If I feel called to work beyond that, I will do so and I'm called again in the future, I will find a way to start again.

Why is the new way more expensive?
Obviously a lot of people understand that if I work more powerfully and faster, I need to raise prices. If not, I would go broke very soon. For every new client that finds me, I have to advertise, promote, do intakes, answer e-mails etc. If I work 6 times faster for the same price, I'd have to find 6 times more clients without any extra resources. Frankly, that's not possible without me going into burnout, which would mean I can't help anybody.

I asked God what the new price would be and even though I had difficulty with it in the beginning, I trust that it's the right way. I feel I'm still asking less then the true value of these sessions and the very positive responses from clients seem to agree with me.

Will you have more changes?
Of course, because life is ever changing. I'm planning on doing more group work and moving forward with my books and other projects.

So, keep yourself up to date by following the blog or Facebook Fan Page or by receiving the news letter.