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Dear People,

One of the questions I often get asked around this time of year is why I take the whole or usually at least 4 weeks off in December. I've been working in my own business for 10 years now and I think I've taken at least 5 Decembers off so far. The answer is a bit long, so it's nice to write it all down for once.

Family Time
It's normal for a lot of people to have family time in December, with Christmas and New Years around the corner. I can't prepare sessions, have sessions, be available for aftercare, take care of the administration and be able to enjoy time with family. I often work longer hours then just 40 a week, so to create some lovely Christmas dinners and to be present with them, I can't have active sessions. So even if I didn't close down the practice for the whole of December, I wouldn't work Christmas week in any case, since I'm responsible for the after care. Most of the after care is done around 2 days after sessions, when energy can still fluctuate.

Since I don't have kids that go to school, often we take the opportunity to leave for holidays abroad during times when it's off season and cheaper. I often don't close the practice down during the summer holidays, so we have gone on vacation around December. I love Christmas markets, but also winter sun. So we've been on many December holidays, mostly around the Canary Island (25 Celsius is wonderful!) and the beginning of December is often very reasonably priced.

Clean up time
When I close down the practice for the year for active sessions, I can then make time to do some 'ending things'. I always clean out the practice completely. I now make time to shop for necessary items and install them in the practice (or at home!). So December often sees me buying new phones or computer stuff, as well as chairs or other items. I throw out old paperwork and catch up on paperwork I didn't finish during busy weeks.

While other people love spring cleaning, I'm a December cleaning kind of person. I love starting the year clean and while I don't hold the superstition that unfinished business won't ever be finished, it's wonderful to finish up some loose ends and have some free time to do so.

New beginnings

December, as the end of the year, has a natural reflective energy for me. So I often start brainstorming on new ideas that I want to implement starting the new year. I have some talks with the paper to see how I want to advertise that year. I make a sort of 'year schedule' to see what workshops I want to host and what my goals are for the new year.

Usually this kind of information is very 'loose' as I might change things during the year, but it helps to see what matters to me.

So now you all know what I'm doing in my 'winter break' and why I don't have a summer one!

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Dear People,

During life we make a lot of connections with others, but we also have a connection with different channels within ourselves. Sometimes pain, disappointment or loss removes us from our natural and healthy connections. If you feel lonely or if you would like healthier connections, these affirmations are for you.

I write my affirmations in different levels so you can see what resonates with you and what you want to work on. You might start with a lower level that resonates and then move your way up.

Pick and choose what works for you and affirm away (I recommend three times a day if you can manage it).

I choose to connect to my body
I choose to connect to my conscious mind
I choose to connect to my subconscious mind
I choose to connect to my worries
I choose to connect to my shadow
I choose to connect to my higher mind
I choose to connect to my emotional channel
I choose to connect to my heart
I choose to connect to my fears
I choose to connect to my intuition
I choose to connect to the higher Power (God/Universe/etc.)
I am completely connected to all my channels
I am completely connected

I joyfully connect to other people
I joyfully connect to the environment
I joyfully connect to nature
I joyfully connect to music
I joyfully connect to animals

I joyfully connect to the world
I joyfully connect to the Universe

I keep all my connections healthy
I bless all my connections
I'm passionate about all my connections
I give positive energy to all my connections
I receive positive energy from all my connections
I give out wisdom to all my connections
I receive wisdom from all my connections
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Dear People,

It's been a while since I wrote about the joys of Psychic Life. Not because I haven't had any joy, but mostly because I've been focusing on my other article series. So now I'm back to talk a little bit more about my life and what happens differently because I'm a Psychic Healer. Today I want to talk about Fantasizing and how I do it.

Positive Fantasizing
A lot of people do 'negative fantasizing', also called 'worrying'. When we go out and distract our mind with all kinds of negative stories that we create. Often, our worries never come true, yet we still engage in the same behavior.

Positive Fantasizing can be anything from daydreaming about the kind of life, love or job you want to be to brainstorming and making lists on what goals you want to achieve. For some of us, that can be an escape that comes to nothing, but if you work with energy, especially spiritually, you can create from your own desires.


You can take your ideas and visualize them. Research has shown that athletes that visualize their exercises will create benefits for their 'real' play. The power of the mind is so interesting and I hope we will see more research in the coming years. So, as a Psychic, I often visualize what I want to create coming towards me or appearing in my life.

Sometimes I make a movie, where I see myself doing the things I want to do, hearing, feeling and smelling them. Sometimes I visualize an object that I want to have and how it feels to use that in my daily life.

Once I have something I really want to achieve or just a goal I want to work on and I find myself fantasizing about it a lot, I will often make an affirmation for myself to repeat and enjoy. Sometimes I spend some time using hand lettering to create a work of art with an affirmation.  Creative work helps me reaffirm easily and happily. I tend to sing them too sometimes.

Law of Attraction
I don't consciously work with the law of attraction much, although I know a lot of people who use it through affirmations and visualization, so I guess they might say I use it a lot. Most of my law of attraction work is unconsciously done. I hear myself say and talk about what I want and I trust it will appear.

This has gotten me loads of discounts and other beautiful situations in which things worked out just like I would have wanted it/for the best.

Last, but certainly  not least, is that I listen to what I can do to start creating my positive and better life. Sometimes I drawn towards new situations and people, sometimes I'm told to do some more work on areas of my life and sometimes I'm just told to relax and enjoy. 

So, today, set some time aside to think or feel what you really want to create in your life. Fantasize about your 'better life', about who would be in it, what would be happening in it etc.. Then go out and try one of the things I do to create it for yourself.

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