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Joys of a Psychic Life: Replacing Items before they seem to need to be replaced!

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Dear People,

We all have those little disasters in life: your car suddenly stops working, your fridge dies or your laptop just won't start. For most people, it feels like there has been no warning at all! It usually means that people lose files, urgently need help or need to buy a new appliance on the fly. Often this is very stressful.

However, when living the Psychic Life, you do get a warning and that usually means you live a relaxed life. Most of my warnings go in the following categories:

Sudden urge to shop:
Usually when something at the end of life cycle I get the sudden urge to shop. I find myself looking at washing machines or shoes, even though they weren't on my "to-buy"-list at all. This usually happens around 3-4 months in advance, so I might have a good idea of what I want before I actually need to replace something.

Direct Psychic Flash
Sometimes I see myself buying something new and/or have the feeling I have to be in a certain shop or I see a new something in my future. I then know it has to be replaced urgently and I usually make sure it gets replaced fast!

There are many examples that I could tell you about, but most telling is that I've almost never had to replace something when it was already broken. I've had some items 12 years or more before I had the feeling I needed to replace them and they weren't necessarily at the end of their lives according to their manufacturers.

While having your intuition tell you these kind of things doesn't seem very flashy compared to predictions concerning your love life, the lottery or your career, it sure makes for a pleasant life!

Did you ever have a prediction concerning ordinary items? Expand upon it by adding a comment on this blog or on the Facebook Fan Page!

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  1. Ya, exactly the same happens with me also. There are some things which I have to buy urgently and some needs to replace time to time.

  2. Dear Meryem,

    It's lovely isn't it, to have those kind of Psychic Flashes?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!